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Test For, Identify, Document, and Fix Indoor Air Quality Hazards

HomeAirCheck indoor air quality test kit

Having test results in hand showing clear evidence of indoor air pollutants is a powerful point of leverage for convincing others that there is a real and present danger.

Tenants, employers, family members, neighbors, landlords...I've heard cases in which all of them stubbornly denied or ignored a victim's pleas for help in situations where they were being poisoned by high levels of dangerous chemical compounds in the air.

I always suggest victims of bad air run a reliable air quality test which will accurately measure a wide scope of possible pollutants in these cases.

Here is my most highly recommended diy diagnostic air testing kit - I call it the "air doctor" because it is a great diagnostic tool for seeing how to cure bad air scenarios.

It is the same all-in-one air sampler, analysis, and air test results package the professional inspectors and healthy home experts use...BUT now made available on Home Air Purifier Expert.com at the wholesale price.

I like to cut out middle men whenever possible.

With a simple flip of a switch, that kit makes it extremely easy for homeowners like you and I to accurately and quickly test for over 400 possible indoor air pollutants, such as:

  • Volatile Organic Chemical Compounds (VOCs)
  • Formaldehyde Gas
  • Third-hand Cigarette Smoke Residues
  • and even hidden Toxic Black Mold Colonies

Identifying and eliminating these common pollutant sources from living spaces will also eliminate the major culprits which tend to cause or aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms, along with a host of other chronic health concerns.

And if removal is out of your direct control, such as in a tenant landlord situation where you are somewhat at the mercy of the rental property owner for help - having the test results in hand can often be an effective first step to get action before any legal conflict results.

Sick Building Syndrome

Once you identify and remove possible sources of indoor air toxins, you may find symptoms immediately start to subside. If so, this is a good clue you may have been suffering from what I have suffered from on multiple occasions in my life...Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

If you have worrisome air test results in hand, yet lack the authority or control to fix the hazards, then a Sick Building Syndrome lawsuit may eventually be necessary. You can ask your toxic home legal questions below.

Ideally, identifying and fixing the sources of bad air quality may help you avoid medical doctors long-term, and ultimately may help improve your comfort, quality, and length of life.

But for incurred damages and medical bills already accrued from living in a sick home or from working in a toxic environment, you may want to ask an attorney online now using the below form to see if you may have a case.

Go here if you'd like to speak with a doctor, nurse, or medical professional online now

A bit of legal leverage may go a long way to encourage a reticent boss, tenant, or landlord to fix any root sources of indoor air pollution by employing source control, ventilation, or air purification.

Sometimes even having an attorney sending a formal letter on your behalf is enough to get some action because the receiver of that letter will then know just how serious you are.

Having a good lawyer in your corner might in the least get the "defendant" to perform indoor air quality testing, or to pay attention to your test results, if you decided to do it yourself. Just keep in mind the above diy indoor air quality test kit would not produce expert court admissible results. Usually court admissible expert air testing services cost exponentially more.

However, the diy test kit results can in many cases still be a great first step to making an air pollution issue more tangible, and in many cases will be enough to elicit corrective action before litigation is necessary.

But sometimes a bit of hard ball will be needed. With proper documentation and a bit of legal advise and representation you could be made partially whole again through arbitration or court settlements representing reimbursement for health damages, property damages, lost time, or pain and suffering.

Just remember to... Document! Document! Document! Keep all medical bills and test results. And track all other correspondences and expenses which may later help you build a stronger legal case, if it unfortunately has to come to that.

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A Toxic Tort Attorney Can Help You If You Suspect Toxic Exposure

Mesothelioma lawyer

Probably the most well-known toxic tort legal case was that spear-headed in 1993 by the environmental activist, legal clerk, and single mother of three... Mrs. Erin Brockovitch and which resulted in the largest ever direct action lawsuit settlement in U.S. history of $333 Million.

The case involved the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and human exposure to Hexavalent Chromium ("chromium VI", "Cr-VI", "Cr-6") which contaminated drinking water in the town of Hinkley California.

If you haven't yet seen the movie "Erin Brockovitch" starring Julia Roberts in the title role, I highly recommend it as an example of how lawyers can help protect your rights in the form of a Toxic Tort lawsuit. Sometimes the under-dog does win, and always remember there is power in numbers.

The following scene from the movie is one of Julia Roberts' best ever. This will inspire you to stand up for your legal rights!

Following is one of the best scenes from the cult classic movie "Erin Brockovitch" in which Julia Roberts (playing Erin Brockovitch) again rips the arrogant PG&E lawyers a new one :)

Erin's famous dialogue in the below clip: "So before you come back here with another lame *ss offer...I want you to think about what your spine is worth Mr. Walker... or what you might expect someone to pay you for your uterus Ms. Sanchez... then you take out your calculator and you multiply that number by a hundred. Anything less than that is a waste of our time!... (Ms. Sanchez nervously brings glass of water to lips) ...By the way, we had that water brought in special for you folks... it came from a well in Hinkley" (Ms. Sanchez's drops her uterus).

While you may not be lucky enough to get a bulldog attorney like Erin Brockovitch on your side, there are still many terrific attorneys out there who specialize in Toxic Tort and Class Action cases.

Take the first step toward finding a pro...simply type your question into the below form, click "ask the expert", and a pro will give you some great legal advice.

Toxic Tort cases often involve hazardous chemical exposures to contaminants in air, water, food, products, and pharmaceuticals.  

One current case involves large-scale contamination of drinking water in an area affecting 300,000 residents following an alleged chemical spill by Freedom Industries into the Elk River in West Virginia.

The spilled "coal cleaning compounds", 4-methylcyclohexane Methanol (MCHM) and a mixture of Glycol Ethers known as PPH, are suspected to have put people into the hospital and caused a wide variety of exposure symptoms and health problems.

No one knows what the long-term health and environmental consequences may be.

If you are a victim of a similar situation and have any specific questions for a Toxic Tort Lawyer, try asking an online attorney via the form below.

Following is a list of other common toxic compounds and situations that may be associated with Toxic Tort cases involving contaminated industrial properties, or other types of real estate such as residential structures potentially contributing to Building-related Illness symptoms and subsequent toxic home lawsuits:

Picture of Mesothelioma lung tissue
Sever Toxic Black Mold growth inside house
African American child with inhaler

Tobacco Smoke and Residues

Cannabis Smoke and Residues

Meth Lab Residues in Contaminated Former Meth Houses

Lead Paint

Mold and other Biological Pollutants

Radon Gas







Gasoline Vapors

Poly-Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

Asbestos Toxic Tort
Image of Asbestos Fibers
Smoke Stack

Asbestos Toxic Tort cases are particularly common due to the widespread use of cancer causing asbestos insulation for decades before the long-term health consequences were understood.

Deadly Mesothelioma and chronic Asbestosis caused by Asbestos exposures often don't manifest until decades later.

Even limited and brief exposures to Asbestos fibers may result in health problems later in life because the tiny, yet very durable, fibers can stick in lung tissues and cause prolonged irritation.

Long-term exposures were common in ship yards and in many other industries, job sites, and product applications.

I can remember Asbestos mitigation being performed at an old elementary school I attended as a kid.

Asbestos flooring and insulation was being removed from the gymnasium which was right next to the lunch room we were still using daily.

A poorly installed plastic sheet was all that separated the children from the thick carcinogenic dust in the Asbestos removal zone just a few feet away.

I hope our exposures were minimal. But it makes one wonder just how prevalent these type of exposures were in times when minor exposures were not suspected to be dangerous.

Lung x-ray Asbestosis
Radon Gas Deaths Chart
Asbestos Danger Sign Lung Disease Cancer Hazard
Zonolite Asbestos Vermiculite particles
deadly chemicals

Now we know there is no safe level of Asbestos exposure, just as there is no safe level of Radon exposure.

(Radon gas is now the leading cause of lung cancer deaths in non-smokers, and the second leading cause overall! Most homeowners are oblivious to the dangers of Radon Gas inhalation longterm)

But despite all the large mitigation efforts over the decades, there's still a lot of Asbestos-containing materials around, and usage in industrial settings is still allowed, though highly regulated.

Still there are numerous on-going Asbestos lawsuits and settlements underway.

If you suspect Asbestos exposure or suffer from Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, Asbestos Lung Cancer, COPD or any other potentially related health issues...you may wish to ask a Mesothelioma Attorney online now via the below live form.

A good attorney may help you know your rights or get your share of an Asbestos or Toxic Tort settlement that may help cover your on-going medical bills and other damages.

Image of Libby Montana Vermiculite MineImage taken just outside the Libby Montana Vermiculite Mine site where Zonolite Attic Insulation originated from. It was later found to be contaminated with deadly Asbestos fibers.

Libby Montana Asbestos in Vermiculite Insulation
One of the worse on-going Asbestos toxic tort cases in U.S. history (but which you've probably never even heard of) involves Asbestos-containing Vermiculite Attic Insulation mined in Libby Montana by W.R. Grace and sold under the Zonolite brand name.

But besides asbestos, I frequently get contacted by homeowners, tenants, and employees who unfortunately have found themselves in unhealthy, unsafe, or legally disadvantaged situations.

Many victims of exposure are afraid of retaliation if they complain, even though these unfortunate conditions often involve the negligent actions (or inactions) of landlords, neighbors, employers, nearby industry, or product manufacturers.

Sometimes these dangerous situations also result in property damage, personal injury, threats to public health, environmental damage, toxic exposures, chronic and acute health damage, birth defects, developmental abnormalities, miscarriages, and on-going liability.

Toxic Tort Law

Hazardous materials and complacency are all around us, and unfortunately many of us folks in industrialized society inevitably become victims of toxicity or insufficient attention to environmental health and safety regulations, and therefore may end up having to seek medical treatment or legal assistance.

If you do need online legal advice I hope you will find the below legal answer app to be helpful.

If you suspect you are having health problems as a result of toxic exposure, or if you have other symptoms you need advice about...on this page you can ask a doctor online about your health-related symptoms.

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