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Thanks to Home Air Purifier Expert.com's website advertising and sponsorship partners we can continue to publish, now and in the future, a growing collection of free and high quality home air purifier comparisons, reviews, and ratings; in addition to a wide scope of healthy home advice.

If you are a provider of pertinent and very high quality healthy home or home air purifier related products or services and are interested in purchasing ad space on this website you may contact us for website advertising here.

Home Air Purifier Expert.com is my personal site. I put a lot of my time, effort, and funding into keeping this website hosted and ever-growing with high quality and unique information about how to create a healthy home. I very much appreciate your support.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it is important for me to let you know that in order to defray some of these on-going site expenses, this website accepts compensation from advertising and sponsorship income.

In fact, most websites are able to survive thanks to some sponsor or ad revenue. This is why the internet is so rich with free and useful information.

However, the content within Home Air Purifier Expert is independent of any sources of compensation. I always share my honest opinions, findings, experiences, and thoughts. And no content within this website poses a conflict of interest related to any sources of compensation. Any sponsored content would be clearly marked as such. Also be aware that any outbound links from this website to another website may be some form of compensated links that may in some cases earn me a small commission on referred purchases made at those website, or which in some cases may earn me a very small fee upon being clicked.

I am a member of Google's Adsense Pay Per Click Ad program. They serve text link and media based ads within ad unit blocks on pages within this site. These ads are marked as "Ads by Google" or something similar to indicate they are ads. Any ads served by Google and the external sites they lead to are in no way personally selected or endorsed by me. These ads are served to this site automatically by Google's system based on many different variables including on page context.

Pages within this website may also show other ads besides those served by Google's Adsense Program.

You may notice that some words within pages are double underlined and when you hover your cursor over these double underlined words an ad box will appear. This is another form of pay per click advertising found on some pages within Home Air Purifier Expert.com. Again the links and external websites they lead to are not selected nor personally endorsed by me.

There is also non-pay-per-click sponsorships or endorsements found on pages within home air purifier expert.com. I only endorse high quality goods or services on this website and only recommend products or services I have used or would use myself and which I am proud to offer to site visitors. Again, I only share my honest opinions, thoughts, findings, or experiences related to these goods or services and they are independent of any sponsorship relationship.

I want to ad value to users' experience on this website, thus I never endorse junk. Accepting sponsorship from poor quality goods or services would be neither good for you or for me. So my standards are very high for what I chose to recommend.

Home Air Purifier Expert.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, endless.com or smallparts.com.

Any endorsments of Amazon.com products by me is based on my honest opinions, experiences, or findings and again is independent of any compensation I may derive from Amazon.com, it's partners, or subsidiaries.

The views and opinions expressed throughout Home Air Purifier Expert.com are purely those of the authors. Any product or services related information communicated on this website or at the point of sale should be verified by you with the original manufacturer or service provider. I do not guarantee the accuracy of any claims related to products, situations, or services on this website or elsewhere. Please do your own due deligence specific to your own situation.

I do not request donations on this website, so any support you give through my ad or sponsorship partners is greatly appreciated because it helps keep this website free and ever-growing.

And in case you've ever wondered, there is no inherent difference in the purchase price of goods or services to you whether you pass through an affiliate link or not. Passing through my referral links will never mean a higher purchase price compared to a direct link to the same place. Thus, the only difference between navigating to a store directly, versus going there through my referal link is that I would not receive any revenue if you did not pass through my referral link and make a purchase.

There may often be a direct benefit to you for passing through my referral links because sometimes I am actually able to save you money by presenting an exclusive discount or sales coupon provided to me because of my partner status or affiliate relationship. These special bargains are often only given when my referral link is used.

As opposed to regular non-referral links, my affiliate links may include special discount coupon codes, exclusive sales links, and seasonal promotions that will actually save you quite a bit of money if you chose to make a purchase after following my referral links. Plus, using my referral links wins me a small percentage of the sale and thus helps me grow this website to help many others globally.

So I hope if you find this website useful you will chose to support our sponsors on this website. It will create a win, win, win for you, me, and my sponsors. I am very discerning as to whom I endorse. So you can be sure if I chose to endorse a product, service, or company they are likely high quality and best-of-breed based on my experience and research.

Thank you to our home air purifier website advertising partners, sponsors, and visitors for your interest and support of Home Air Purifier Expert.com now and hopefully well into the future.

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