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› Best DIY Indoor Air Quality Test Kit for Sick Building Syndrome Testing

"Best Indoor Air Quality Test Kit for Sick Building Syndrome Testing"

Question about the the best indoor air quality test kit?

"What's the best indoor air quality test kit, sensor, or monitor to accurately and easily test for causes of Sick Building Syndrome?"

Image of Home Air Check test kit and documentation

Sick Building Syndrome testing is a topic I get asked about often by homeowners who are suffering from indoor allergy symptoms that may be associated with indoor air pollutants and Building-related Illness. This page provides the best air test solution I have yet found...and at a rock bottom price too.

Best indoor air quality test kit for Sick Building Syndrome.

The best air quality test kits are the active air sampling types used by many Healthy Home Specialists and indoor air quality experts. But honestly, these guys often charge an arm and a leg for their in-home testing services.

As but one example, a reader in California (suffering from suspected chemical fumes from possible new furniture off-gassing) just told me she was quoted over $1,000 by a local company for home air chemical testing. And this professional price gouger's indoor air quality test service would have provided a mere fraction of the vast scope of possible detected analytes provided by the below best of breed diy testing kit.

With hundreds of possible air contaminants in the average home, if Sick Building Syndrome is suspected, it is important for the indoor air test to be able to detect a wide scope of compounds for the greatest chance of identifying which sources to control or eliminate.

"According to the EPA, the air inside our modern air-tight homes can be from 2 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air..."

Given that most of us tend to spend the majority of our time indoors, indoor air pollution has become a very common health hazard, especially for babies and children, pregnant women, the elderly, or anyone who is chemically sensitive such as those with an illness or disease. Indoor air testing can help lengthen your life and improve your quality of living.

I get contacted by concerned homeowners all the time, mostly regarding persistent symptoms associated with airborne allergens consisting of volatile organic chemical compounds being released into living spaces. The below test kit is the powerful diagnostic tool I often recommend so homeowners can easily find a clear evidence-based path toward corrective actions.

It does not surprise me that demand for indoor air pollution testing has grown exponentially in the last several decades. But unfortunately there are few reliable and affordable testing solutions with the scope of detection and meaningful results needed for homeowners to know what in their homes might be making them sick. Plus, a lot of suffering folks get taken advantage by local contractors or by the many peddlers of expensive yet largely worthless air test kits sold online.

Please allow me to share with you what I have discovered to be the best way to do-it-yourself and save a LOT of money by cutting out the high-priced middle man on professional grade indoor air quality testing. Read on for my full review and recommendations.

The pros really love to get their foot in your door during your time of need. This is because in-home air testing conducted by the experts often will start at $500 and quickly goes up from there depending on how many and which contaminants they test for. Sadly the above example of a four-figure quote is very common.

And my oh my don't they just love to up-sell you on their uber expensive post-testing "professional hazard mitigation services" which may or may not be necessary. That's when they REALLY start milking your fear and discomfort.

It is no wonder most allergy sufferers want to cut out the middle man and do their own indoor air quality testing with lower cost DIY air testing kits. Once you know what the problem sources are (such as new off-gassing furniture...mold behind wall or floor boards...gasoline-powered equipment stored in the basement or crawlspace...or too many solvents and cleaning chemicals inside, for example) homeowners can then save thousands of dollars by fixing the root cause themselves.

Of course outside expertise is often needed for more complex indoor air quality issues. But in most cases homeowners can be empowered to effectively DIY - from testing to fixing - if armed with the following simple to use tool. 

The following information will help you do just that, but without having to skimp on test kit quality or pay more for it. In fact, you can get much more for a much lower cost by going directly to the pros' high quality test kit source. And it is child's play to use the following kit too, as you can see in the below short video. If you can flip a switch, you can diy professional-grade testing. No expert required. 

The below advanced air sampler kits are the same ones currently being used by many credible home inspectors, Indoor Air Quality Experts, and Healthy Home Specialists to accurately test for evidence of the most common causes of indoor air pollution and Sick Building Syndrome, such as: 

Thanks to the below direct source, now you can get the same advanced professional-grade air test kits, accurate results, and expert remedial recommendations for a fraction of the cost the pros would charge. 

You can easily and quickly test your own home for the above major gaseous indoor air pollutants to a greater and more accurate extent than most other kits. Please don't fall for the many inferior test products with highly inflated prices currently being heavily marketed to homeowners on many retailers' websites. 

Many of the diy air test kits and indoor air monitors for sale all over the web are not very reliable or sensitive and usually only test for a very limited scope of contaminants. And they are VERY expensive for what little you get. 

Just as an example, one such popular "chemical vapor VOC test badge" designed for diy home use only tests for 40 compounds (less than 10 times the scope of what the below recommended kit can detect), and it costs a whopping $260 for just one test, and has a long 10 day turn-around time for the analysis and results to be returned. And once you do get the results report...good luck making heads or tails of the confusing technical data, or getting any customer support.

These passive "badge" type chemical tests also tend to be a lot less accurate compared to the below higher quality professional-grade air samplers which actively collects contaminants from the air with a small integrated air pump and "Thermal Desorption Tube" (TDT), which enables low-cost air collection and more accurate and sensitive analysis. 

And many of the so-called badge air test results provide difficult to decifer mundane details with little to no guidance on specific action steps to improve indoor air quality based on the results. 

Unless you are a Chemist or Material Scientist, it can be difficult to figure out what the test results mean - for example, what the likely sources of all those VOC chemical gases are, which is key to knowing how to improve indoor air quality through source control. 

On the other hand, consider the following best of breed indoor air quality test kit the professionals use. 

Out of all the other air test kits on the market today, I believe this one is hands down the best in quality, accuracy, ease of use, quantity of VOCs tested, actionable results, expert support, and overall value (see my 24 other reasons in my review of Home Air Check below).

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An Affordable and Effective Solution
The best indoor air quality test kit is supplied by Home Air Check and includes analysis by Prism Analytical Technologies, an industrial hygiene air testing laboratory fully accredited by the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association).

I know how difficult it is for a lab to become AIHA accredited. So that alone to me says a lot about the quality of the analysis and results you'll get. But my sleuthing turned up a lot of other great attributes.

Watch the short videos below for a quick overview of just how simple the Home Air Check air sampler is to use. And see the great deal I've made available to you below.

Prism Analytical Technologies is located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and has a twenty year track record as an industry leader in advanced air testing. I am proud to have been able to partner with them to bring this high quality air testing kit to you at such an unbelievably low price. It's helped a lot of visitors to this site cure their Building-related Illness or to simply lesson allergy symptoms and find ways to create healthier homes.


Image of Home Air Check the best indoor air quality test kit.

The Home Air Check™ Indoor Air Quality Test Kit is Used By Many of the Top Healthy Home Experts and Home Inspectors, and Now is Made Available Direct to You Here at a Steep Discount.

Many have ask this, so I want to confirm that, YES! EVERYTHING is included in one low price with this kit...the air sampler, the return shipping, the lab analysis, the test results, expert recommendations and truly excellent support. Don't worry, when you buy the kit, you get it all!

Learn more about what else is included and how this kit will help you know what pollutants are in your air, PLUS predict what the sources might be...

Based on my almost 20 years of Analytical experience in chemical testing and my extensive research into the competition, I believe Home Air Check is simply the best air test kit value and professional-grade (yet easy to DIY) diagnostic solution for anyone interesting in learning what extent of chemical hazards or toxic mold may be present inside your home.

The detailed, yet easy to understand, results report helps predict what the SOURCES of elevated chemical gases inside your home might be. This is key to solving the problem since you'll know the source culprits to remove or to control with ventilation or with an effective chemical air purifier with gas-phase filter media (in cases where it's not feasible to totally remove the sources of off-gassing chemical pollutants).

Off-gassing carpet, an off-gassing mattress, or off-gassing furniture, for example, is a much easier fix, than say, if your home was constructed with contaminated Chinese Sheetrock or Formaldehyde saturated particle board (SOB board), or filled with structural components coated in off-gassing adhesives, paint, or varnish. But in any case, removable source(s) or not, once you know the root cause, that is a big part of the battle to finding the proper strategy or product to lessen health damage. (Please do let me know what your air test findings are. It's always fascinating and I can then better assist you in the fix.) 

With Home Air Check's professional-grade indoor air quality test kits you can quickly and accurately test up to a 2,000 square foot home (per kit) for over 400 Volatile Organic Chemical Compounds (VOCs), plus hidden mold colonies, plus Formaldehyde gas - all for less than half of what many of the over-priced flimsy air testers or unreliable electronic air monitors and sensors cost.

Home AirCheck also has options that includes testing for cigarette smoke, both secondhand and thirdhand smoke (left over residues). Few tests are sensitive enough to be able to do that. Home inspectors and home buyers love it!

These kits are also gaining popularity for testing workplaces, testing rental properties, testing meth houses / former meth labs, and also for real-estate testing such as to uncover potential mold or Formaldehyde gas problems before someone agrees to buy a home. 

Limited-Time Value: 
Click here for the best current value on home air testing kits for all 4 main culprits that may be causing indoor air pollution and allergy symptoms: Volatile Organic Compounds, Mold, Formaldehyde, and Dust

The first option is my most highly recommended because it's the greatest value and best indoor air quality test kit for discovering what the sources of hundreds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) may be...plus Formaldehyde (an all too-common culprit)...plus Dust... plus actively growing Mold colonies too, even if hidden behind walls or floor boards! No other air tests can do this.

Each option includes the indoor air quality test kit, complete instructions, free pre-paid return shipping, accurate results from an AIHA accredited lab, results report within 7 to 10 business days of sample receipt, fantastic email support. Most importantly you'll get expert advice on how to improve your air quality based on your air testing results.

The results report will guide you on possible ways to improve your indoor air quality based on the findings of their degreed chemists conducting the analysis in their AIHA-accredited laboratory.

Image of Home Air Check Indoor Air Quality Test Kit

The above 3 tests in one kit offers by far the best value. I promise you won't find a better deal or better quality. But don't take my word for it. Check testing kit price tags on any of the major healthy home product suppliers' sites.

A Conservative Cost Comparison to Competing Test Kits
To give you some idea, here's a conservative cost comparison I just did for all the separate test kits from a leading online supplier of healthy home products. (Most sites charge even more for these single test kits): 

  • Mold Test Kit ~$140 (based on mold spore counts...so not nearly as sensitive or accurate as Home Air Check's active mold gas detection)
  • Dust Testing Kit ~$110 (cheap test strip and mostly meaningless results due to poor accuracy and poor precision due to poor collection and analysis methods)
  • Formaldehyde Gas Test Kit ~$170 (Badge collection method, so not as sensitive as Home AirCheck's active collection method)
  • Organic Vapor Screening Kit ~$300 (Inferior Badge method only detects 40 organic chemicals and 50 other compounds...which is 4 times less than Home Air Check's over 400 chemical gases detected. Also, Badge method is not as sensitive. And it can take up to 10 days to get results after receipt of returned kit.)

If you bought the above four kits separately the total cost would be over $700! That is more than DOUBLE the cost of Home Air Check's above 4-in-1 kit, which detects over 4 times more, and more accurately too.

So you'll get a lot more results for a lot less cost with Home Air Check's test kits. And with detection of over 400 gaseous compounds and solid particles, this means you are more likely to identify the main culprits poisoning your air. The above referenced competing test kits leave much bigger gaps and much worse detection limits and accuracy, which can lead to false or missed key conclusions.

In addition to the previous example, I've heard from other homeowners who were quoted by local air quality experts to do similar testing...BUT for over SIX times the cost of this simple diy solution.

Believe me when I say many of the pros REALLY hate me for putting up this page divulging their cheap indoor air test kit source. Inspectors would much rather keep homeowners in the dark and dependent on them so they can keep purchasing these exact same air test kits and make a profit margin of 500+% for their home testing services. This page allows YOU to cut them out of the loop, yet still get all the benefits and expertise. Just flip a switch.

How in the world does Home Air Check make a profit on these cheaply priced but very high quality kits? Don't take my word for this being a great bargain. Get a quote from one of the many air experts in your area, or check many of the online retailers charging hundreds of dollars more for flimsy passive air tests (which offer not even half the quality or scope of Home Air Check's kit) and you will understand my surprise here. 

This is a great deal on a powerful healthy home tool. I'm giving these to friends, family, and neighbors as green building Christmas gifts that will keep on giving.

I know many poor folks suffering from COPD and other types of chronic respiratory illnesses caused by smoking cigarettes or from work related exposure. These kits are a perfect way to perhaps help find ways to ease their suffering by helping them to create healthier homes and work spaces.

But everyone could benefit from being able to learn what invisible pollutants (and their causes) may be stealthily harming health or making you feel sick while inside particular buildings. I wish I'd had this kit decades ago. It would have helped me not be a repeat victim of Sick Building Syndrome.

Know what's in your air with Home Air Check.

Check out These Short Videos of the Best Indoor Air Quality Test Kit Provided by Home Air Check

The following short videos and mini-guides will quickly enlighten you further about the dangers of chemical gases and other indoor air pollutants at home and at work, plus show you just how simple it is to check for these hundreds of indoor air pollutants, including hidden mold and hundreds of toxic chemicals with HomeAirCheck's top of the line air testing kit...

Video 1: What Are VOCs?

Video 2: What is Formaldehyde and How Can You Test for this Dangerous Gas?

Video 3: What is Hidden Mold and How Can You Test for It?

Video 4: How to Use the Home Air Check Indoor Air Quality Test Kit - How To and Tips

Video 5: Understanding Your Home Air Check Air Testing Results

Video 7: How You Can Easily Test Air for Chemical Pollutants using HomeAirCheck Air Monitors

Video 8: How You Can Test for and Avoid Exposure to Gasoline Fumes or Petroleum Vapors

Guide 1: Tobacco Smoke - Dangers of Second Hand and Third Hand Smoke (yes HomeAirCheck has a kit for these notorious pollutant sources too)

Guide 2: Perfluoroalkylated Substances (PFAS) - (HomeAirCheck now offers a preliminary non-accredited screening and test kit for PFAS levels in your water, as a starting indicator to help you see if more rigorous PFAS testing may be merited)

Guide 3: Office Air Pollution: How to Test Corporate offices, Small Warehouses, Restaurants, Studios, Gyms, and Other Workplaces for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Formaldehyde Gas

Home Air Check - The advanced home air test that provides a solution to indoor air quality issues

Special Warning for Those Living Above Garages and Storage Areas

I have been contacted MANY times by desperate tenants of garage apartments because they were being poisoned by toxic air seeping into their apartments from the garage below.

(See above short videos about avoiding Gasoline Fumes and other Petroleum Vapors)

The large numbers of these garage apartment health hazard cases has me thinking that some type of legislation may be necessary to protect tenants from these toxic home scenarios. HUD or DHEC would probably be the agency with jurisdiction in these cases.

I think environmental health and safety laws should be passed to deter property owners from renting such spaces where toxic chemicals are used or stored below, including the operation or storage of anything with an internal combustion engine.

And if owners do rent over-garage apartments, they should not be permitted to use the garage or areas below in any way that produces significant amounts of indoor air pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide and Gasoline fumes, even if such generation only occurs temporarily.

These pernicious vapors inevitably do often diffuse upwards and into the living spaces above (despite how skeptical the owners often are of that possibility). This is a serious public health issue few are talking about...but many are suffering from in my experience with visitors to Home Air Purifier Expert.com.

Combustion equipment, engine exhaust, gasoline cans, fuel tanks, pesticides, and stockpiles of solvent-based household chemicals are usually the main culprits. Don't miss short video #8 above.

In some cases the living space and contents can become so contaminated with cancer-causing noxious gasoline vapors (including leukemia causing Benzene), the apartment becomes unlivable.

If this is you or someone you know, the Home Air test kit results will give you evidence of possible air contaminant sources which may help you leverage a solution with the landlord or property manager (who in the above cases tend to discount complaints otherwise, again in my experience).

I know that having Home Air Check test results in-hand has helped many suffering and ignored tenants to affect a drastic change for the better in their indoor air quality. Landlords will often sit up and take notice when they see the hazard in black and white and know that the tenant was concerned enough to purchase an air sampler including lab analysis.

More Reasons Why I Love This Powerful Little Black Box for Sick Building Syndrome Mitigation

Home Air Check provides 10 times the scope of indoor air pollution testing, and for less than half the cost of most other inferior diy test kits. It is one of the best values I know of.

And I really like how they interpret the results in a practical way anyone can understand, and also provide specific action steps to help fix the problem sources, with a team of professionals always readily available for support and guidance.

And it takes only about 3 hours to collect the air sample and only 5 days turn around time to get the results once the kit is received back by the lab. That is twice as fast as most other indoor air test kits.

One clue the analysis is more sensitive than any other indoor air quality test is their ability to detect Mold Volatile Organic Compounds which no other test kit on the market is sensitive enough to do.

Having Analytical Lab experience myself, I know the ability to measure MVOC means the Home Air Check test kit AND the analytical methods and instruments used by Prism Analytical Technologies is state-of-the-art, and provides the lowest detection limits compared to any other indoor air quality testing service.

By detecting the specific gases released by actively growing hidden mold colonies (MVOC) you get a more accurate test for the presence of mold and can often detect the problem before mold growth becomes obvious.

Most mold tests only test for mold spores - which, unlike gases, may settle out of the air or be physically impeded by walls or flooring which makes hidden colonies less detectable.

MVOCs on the other hand are gases given off by actively growing mold colonies, and unlike mold spores, the gas molecules can easily travel through or around parts of the structure allowing for more sensitive detection of hidden mold.

So you get more sensitive mold testing included in the above kit, whereas others charge that much for less reliable mold spore testing kits alone.

24 Reasons Why Home Air Check Reviews Conclude it is the Best Indoor Air Quality Test Kit

  1. Simple easy setup and the most advanced, accurate, cost-effective, and sensitive testing.

  2. It only takes about 3 hours to collect the air sample which is much faster than most other test products.

  3. Professional-grade air test kit at half the cost of most other labs and free after-test support.

  4. State-of-the-art air testing laboratory provides simultaneous and automated testing which keeps the test cost half that of other labs.

  5. Tests for Over 400 Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).

  6. Tests for 21 Mold Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs), produced by actively growing Mold colonies.

  7. The only laboratory that will perform a full detailed Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer analysis (GC-MS) for under $300.

  8. U.S. Leader in the use of Thermal Desorption Tubes (TDT), which enables low-cost air collection and analysis.

  9. The best home air quality test available for testing of total VOCs and MVOCs.

  10. Can detect some solvents from illegal drug production such as those found in Meth Labs or once Meth Houses which often contain hazardous chemical residues that may become airborne.

  11. Covers large area (2000 square feet).

  12. High quality air sampling pump and tube design for accurate sampling.

  13. Pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping container for analysis return included.

  14. Sophisticated lab analysis performed by a degreed Chemist.

  15. Test results supplied by Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. which is an industrial hygiene air testing laboratory fully accredited by the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association).

  16. Easy to understand comprehensive results reports.

  17. Predictive report suggesting possible sources of VOCs so you can begin to improve your indoor air quality.

  18. Quick analysis turn around time of 5 days from kit return, much faster than average.

  19. Phone, email, or chat support and follow up to answer any questions you may have before or after the test.

  20. Team of air quality professionals ready to answer questions and provide guidance.

  21. Determines the chemical fingerprint of your home so you identify sources and begin control measures.

  22. Prism provides additional recommendations on how to control elevated VOC or MVOC levels and can provide a consultation or referrals to additional testing or help from a certified Industrial Hygeinist or other indoor air quality expert.

  23. Many Indoor Air Quality Professionals use Home Air Check for their air quality assessments.

  24. Choice of test kits: Formaldehyde Test, VOC Test (VOCs & Hidden Mold), Tobacco Smoke Test (Secondhand and Thirdhand Smoke), VOC + Formaldehyde Test (VOCs, Hidden Mold & Formaldehyde) - volume discount available.

See all of Home Air Check's testing options and Order Home Air Check while the above volume and shipping discount lasts. Sooner or later they will realize it's probably too cheap relative to the competition's inferior over-priced products.

What Home Air Check Can't Test For

Just keep in mind that Home Air Check, by nature of its design and methods, is mainly a chemical gas detector. The gases it can detect covers most of the main causes of Sick Building Syndrome, which makes it an excellent diagnostic tool. But, just to be clear, it can not test for solid particulates such as: Asbestos fibers, Dust mites, Bacteria, and Lead dust. It also can not detect Radon Gas which involves a complete different method of counting radioactive atomic disintegrations per unit time. 

Asbestos, Fiberglass, Lead, Combustion solids (smoke/soot), and Radon Gas are not usually closely associated with Sick Building Syndrome cases. But these air contaminants are still proven able to cause serious life-threatening chronic diseases and other health risks over the long-term. 

So you can never go wrong by testing for these additional indoor air hazards - especially Radon gas - which the government recommends EVERY homeowner test for.

Reputable Source for Other Indoor Air Quality Test Kits and Top-rated Expertly Reviewed Healthy Home Products

Click the following link for the best deals on indoor air quality test kits for Lead dust, Fiberglass, Smoke Particulates, Bacteria, and Dust Mites. Plus browse top-rated and expertly reviewed healthy home equipment (such as dehumidifiers and home air purifiers) which can help you fix any detected problems. (click the below image and don't forget to follow my below advice to find and apply special Coupon Codes at checkout to see if you can get extra instant discounts):

Sales, Discounts, and Coupon Codes for Allergy Control and Healthy Home Products

Sale on Allergy Control Products

Once you detect and identify the possible sources of toxic chemical off-gassing...then you can more effectively fix the indoor air quality cause at its source. Click below to see current offers at the industry leader in allergy control products. And chat with a highly trained healthy home consultant...

This is one my most trusted healthy home product suppliers. They are often running juicy sales which can save you a lot of money. Click the above image to see any current seasonal promotions or special discounts available for a limited time. Grab a deal while it lasts.

TIP 1: If you see mention of a "Discount Code" or "Coupon Code", make a note of it and remember to try entering it into the Discount Code box you'll see on one of the checkout process screens. It'll be labeled something like, "Apply Coupon Code".

TIP 2: Signing up for their email newsletter is also a great way to find out about deep discounts and new promo codes you can apply at checkout for big instant savings only available to email subscribers! Click the above image and look for the email sign up box toward the bottom of their home page.

Different retailers use different terms for these instant savings codes: promo codes... coupon codes... discount codes...ect. But no matter the jargon, the codes usually translate into an instant extra discount off your total if you remember to apply it at checkout!

My Extensive Guide on Finding and Using Coupon Codes +Database - find more promo codes for instant savings at other healthy home product suppliers...and most other online retailers too!

Testing for Radon Gas
Radon Gas is a natural occurring radioactive hazard seeping out of the earth beneath most homes across America. It is colorless and odorless. Inhaling it does not produce any immediate symptoms or allergic reactions such as what tends to occur from inhaling Volatile Organic Compounds in situations of Building-related Illness. So as you inhale Radon you won't know it.

But the gradual cumulative damage to your lungs and other organs from inhaling Radon Gas in your home over the years can kill you many years down the road.

In fact, Radon Gas is the SECOND leading cause of Lung Cancer, and many homes in North America (especially in areas with granitic rocks) tend to have fairly elevated levels the homeowner will likely not become aware of unless you Test for Radon Gas

Radon gas reaches the surface of the Earth by traveling through geological formations, such as fault lines or areas of permeable soil and rock your home may be built upon. This radioactive gas can then enter your home via crawlspaces or cracks in foundations or basement floors or walls. Or it can seep in through small holes or spaces around piping, ect.

The pressure gradient inside your home caused by the "chimney effect" can pull Radon gas up from lower levels and into even the uppermost floors of even multi-story houses.

When your family members inhale Radon Gas it can deliver radiation and radioactive decay products (such as Lead) directly into your lungs causing cell damage and thus cancer in the long-term and especially if you smoke cigarettes during that time.

My extensive guide with everything you could possibly want to know about Radon Gas Hazards

YOUR Review of Home Air Check

I hope once you've done your testing you'll return here and leave your own review of Home Air Check test kits in the comments below.

Visitors to this page would probably be very interested to know how exactly it helped you solve a Sick Building Syndrome conundrum, or what sources you were able to identify as needing to be remove or controlled through ventilation or air purification.

I'd really love to know how the Home AirCheck indoor air quality test kit helped you create a more healthy home and cleaner indoor air, as it has for so many thousands of others.

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