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Greetings! Marc here. I'm the resident scientist and editor of Home Air Purifier Expert.com. I sincerely hope I may be of assistance to you via the following options intended to get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

For Immediate and FREE Live Expert Help for your specific situation (such as guidance on how you can alleviate allergy symptoms and causes, and create a healthier home), please click the following button to open a new browser tab to my industry-leading healthy home partner where I've arranged for you to be able to chat with a highly-trained expert right now, no strings attached whatsoever...

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UPDATE: Live Chat is currently unavailable. I apologize for any inconvenience. An alternative will be available soon.

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Monday - Friday 8am-10pm
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If by chance the little live chat window does not open automatically a half minute or so after you arrive at my partner's site, click the "live chat" link found at top right of any of their pages.

I'm being contacted by a large and growing number of people from all over the world. The toxic home conundrums people face every day are often as diverse and multi-faceted as the hundreds of thousands of annual visitors who now arrive to this website from nearly every country on the planet.

I can attest to how the growing problems of Sick Building Syndrome, urban air pollution, indoor air pollution, and nasal allergies knows no borders and does not discriminate.

Unfortunately due to the scale up of global visitors, it has become almost impossible to personally assist everyone in the most timely manner through the below email contact system. This is why I've made available the above free live chat option through my most trusted healthy home partner.

They are the industry leader for top-rated allergy control products, and they are well-known for their highly trained experts on staff. I highly recommend you give live chat a try. You won't be disappointed. They are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

You can still send me a message using the below contact form, but please allow up to three working days for a reply. Contrast that with the 30 seconds to get expert help by clicking the above red easy button.

Or, click one of the following options to get other types of expert advise and solutions FAST...

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