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About Home Air Purifier Expert and My Healthy Homes Mission

My name is Marc and I am the scientist and editor of Home Air Purifier Expert.com. I am happy to be at your service.

Home air purifier expert

I started this .com experiment way back in the fall of 2005 to help others by applying my experience and passion for creating safer and healthier homes. What an interesting and fulfilling journey it has been.

All the information here is completely free. And unlike many websites, I do not mislead you by trying to convince you that home air purifiers are a magic bullet for eliminating 100% of indoor air pollution and allergy symptoms.

Instead, I'm interested in helping you to cure the disease, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Air cleaners are only a stop-gap measure. I recommend a three-pronged healthy home strategy of: Air purification + ventilation + the most important method of them all - removing or reducing the SOURCES of indoor air contaminants whenever possible.

Let's hack at the roots of the problem, rather than just at the leaves of it!

Millions Served

I never could have imagined this humble website would end up assisting millions of worldwide visitors to solve their indoor air pollution conundrums.

There is a seemingly infinite stream of people seeking help to improve indoor air quality...looking for solutions to a toxic home or workplace...or hoping to identify possible sources and solutions for their mysterious symptoms or building-related illness.

No One is Immune

"Rich, Poor, Young, Old...Whether Living in a Mega Mansion, a Luxury Dubai Apartment, a Yurt, Log Cabin or Singlewide Trailer"...

Hong Kong smog

No one is immune to the worldwide problem of indoor air pollution. Anyone can become the victim of serious health issues caused by a wide scope of man-made or natural sources.

Over the years I've heard all sorts of interesting (and sometimes horrifying) stories from visitors in all walks of life affected by pollution and Sick Building Syndrome. And I've shared my advice to assist with solving a bewildering diversity of indoor air issues, for example related to:

  • apartment contamination from ultra-fine dust from sandstorms in Kuwait
  • assisting homeowners who applied common, yet dangerously unwise, rodent or pest remedies indoors (and thus ended up in the hospital, or with poisoned kids/babies/pets, or a contaminated home, or worse!)
  • effective air purification for killer smog in Beijing & Hong Kong, or for thick traffic exhaust invading dwellings along congested California freeways
  • testing for and documenting highly elevated levels of Volatile Organic Compounds and identifying their oft difficult to find inside sources 
  • controlling infiltration of smoke from forest fires in California, or chemical vapors from nearby industries or environmental disasters
  • mitigating chemical fumes off-gassing from hardwood flooringChinese sheetrockcarpetingtoxic household products, and foam padding inside imported furniture
  • advising apartment dwellers being poisoned by Benzine and gasoline fumespesticide residues, deadly carbon monoxide gas, or cigarette smoke and exhaust gases from careless neighbors, landlords, or work crews
  • addressing the problems of toxic black mold and FEMA trailer Formaldehyde gas which was poisoning New Orleans families in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina flood picture
Severe Black Mold growth inside house

Mission: Improved Quality & Length of Life

My mission is to help as many people as possible to create safer and healthier living spaces (homes, schools, and workplaces).

Ultimately this may result in improved physical and environmental health, and thus improved quality and length of life for you and your family members.

Years Among Lab Rats and Smoke Stacks

Image of refinery smoke stacks.
Image of industrial laboratory.

It is very rewarding to be able to assist people all over the planet using the knowledge I've gained from many years in this field.

Some of My Academic and Applied Experience Includes:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Chemistry
  • Nearly 15 years experience as an analytical chemist within the specialty chemicals and purification technology industries.
  • Extensive Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health and Safety training and expertise.
  • Focused on inventing new categories of eco-friendly healthy home products, in addition to diverse consumer retail product development.

Last but certainly not least, on multiple occasions in my life I have also been the victim of Sick Building Syndrome.

I have had my own personal struggles with indoor allergies and chemical sensitivities due to exposures to various indoor air pollutants in past homes, schools, and places of work.

Better Living Through Modern Chemistry??

I've seen the dark underbelly of the chemical industry...from many different perspectives and sectors

image of stacks of paint cans and solvents
Bottles, boxes, cans, and bags of household chemical products

Throughout my academic and industrial career I've routinely worked with many of the most deadly chemical substances in existence.

To me it is very concerning to see many of these same extremely toxic chemical compounds in significant quantities used and stored in the average home in the form of all sorts of common household chemical products.

The public tends to wrongly assume the government has tested and deemed these products to be safe and of little concern for in-home use. This is not the case at all. In fact, most chemical ingredients were never tested for safety, and for the few that were tested, the testing was in most cases sorely inadequate.

The same goes for a diversity of exotic organic compounds used in the manufacture of building materials, furniture, decor items, and many other contents of the average home. These materials beak down into fine dust and volatile organic gases we inhale or absorb.

It's no wonder the average person now has hundreds of these carcinogens and Endocrine Disruptors contaminating their tissues and blood.

Corporations also frequently slap "trade secret" on extremely toxic and hazardous ingredients and are thus often legally exempt from disclosing to you anything about these harmful ingredients in the products you buy. It kind of reminds me of the early halcyon days of the tobacco industry.

These are just a few ludicrous drops in a vast ocean of growing corruption in the United States of America. It's very sad how we are quickly becoming a country of, by, and for a handful of billionaires who won't rest until there are zero regulations on corporate greed and environmental irresponsibility.

An Eloquent Source of Inspiration

A major source of inspiration for me has been a true landmark book of the twentieth century.

This eloquent #1 best selling classic is widely believed to have been instrumental in sparking the environmental movement and ultimately inspired new legislation leading to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.


"I am pessimistic about the human race because it is too ingenious for its own good. Our approach to nature is to beat it into submission. We would stand a better chance of survival if we accomodated ourselves to this planet and viewed it appreciatively instead of skeptically and dictatorially."

- E.B. White


Toxic Waste Up-cycling

Did you know that in some chemical industries it is common practice to "up-cycle" toxic waste streams into a huge diversity of chemical-based household products such as fragrance-filled "air fresheners" and other petrochemical-based products. It's a very lucrative practice which maximizes the bottom line.

Every year homeowners around the world buy, use, and dispose of tens of millions of tons of these dangerous trade-secret filled household chemical products, such as toxic fabric softener. Often little care is given to the long-term environmental and health consequences.

Of course people don't know or understand what people don't know or understand. Industry, on the other hand, knows of and understands the nature of the toxic substances in their products. And they gladly profit from the lack of regulations and public awareness.

Our air, water, land, food, and homes are becoming more chemically contaminated by these toxic waste derivatives. And industries are free to off-load most of the health and environmental consequences to the public.

Causes of rising rates of Breast Cancer?... Autism?... Asthma?... MS?... Alzheimer's Disease?... I have drawn my own conclusions based on my experience and reinforced by the growing body of toxicological data.

We are now beginning to better understand the synergistic damage that can result when even trace levels of many different man-made toxins interact in the body over the long-term.

Children are particularly susceptible to cellular damage and developmental abnormalities from such common indoor air pollutants as flame-retardants and endocrine-disruptors we are all exposed to now on a daily basis inside our homes.

I've become a staunch advocate of helping homeowners understand why it's so important to decrease and eliminate our gluttonous and mindless consumption of many of these toxic household chemical-based products.

Reducing toxic chemical exposures is a key path toward a safe healthy home.

I've heard from many who learned the hard way. Unfortunately people usually don't become very chemically conscious or safety aware until symptoms of over-exposure manifest, or a serious accident occurs.

The millions of human and animal poisonings yearly is in and of itself a good reason for homeowners to think about limiting their household inventory of hazardous products (see poison.org's national poison statistics).

And if you've ever noticed a correlation between feeling ill and your being in a particular building, then a possibility for your Sick Building Syndrome cause might be airborne chemicals poisoning your air.

Big Collection of Homemade Household Product Recipes

If you want fun money-saving ways to reduce your chemical exposure at home, check out my other website where I have created an...

Extensive collection of recipes for homemade green cleaners and easy to make safer household products such as home-made laundry detergent. It's one of  my most popular pages. If you too find it useful, please click the "like" button on that page or share it on your social media channels to help a lot of other families to find the information. All your friends will love you for sharing that one with them!

As you can see by my massive homemade recipe collection, it is super easy to make all sorts of effective green cleaners, pet products, beauty products, automotive cleaners, ect. All you need is a few cheap non-toxic ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, borax, ect.

Making your own safer products is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint, create a healthier home, and effectively pay yourself for these benefits at the same time.

I Admit

I admit that in my younger years I too was complacent about chemicals. It took me a long time and a lot of illnesses to connect the dots. I learned first-hand the desperation and debilitating symptoms that can result from particulate and gaseous pollutants building up inside our modern air-tight homes and buildings. I've seen the serious damage done by pesticides and poisons applied in and around properties.

I've also learned first-hand how tough it can sometimes be to fix the problems at the source, especially when you don't own the property and are at the whims of apathetic owners or management prone to denial.

Nothing thrills me more than when I can help powerless sufferers in these tricky situations to leverage a source control solution via diy air test data.

Forest and the Trees

I Take a Holistic View of How Homes and Buildings can Affect Occupant Safety and Health

I understand the in's and out's of building systems and how safety and health can often be affected by complex interactions of solids, liquids, gases, weather conditions/seasons, geology, occupant behavior, design, and subsystems such as:

  • plumbing
  • HVAC components (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  • outside drainage systems
  • room characteristics
  • building materials
  • roofing systems
  • foundations, ect.

Having overcome many complex air quality related challenges in my own work and home life, I feel fortunate to be able to share my first-hand experience, insider's know-how, and lessons learned to help ease suffering and increase comfort health and safety. Helping visitors like you is what makes building this website most rewarding.

I sincerely hope Home Air Purifier Expert.com can help you and your family too. Consider me ever at your service. Thank you for stopping by.


If you are looking to purchase top-rated and reviewed healthy home products, for example affordable indoor air quality test kits and HEPA air purifiers, these are my most highly recommended partners which I have personally vetted and approved:

Home Air Check - The advanced home air test that provides a solution to indoor air quality issues.

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