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› Ask a Doctor Online About Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Ask a Doctor Online About Allergies and Asthma Symptoms, or Other Health Related Problems

Ask a doctor online about allergies and asthma symptoms

My favorite White Coat Syndrome Solution...now you can ask a doctor online about allergies and asthma symptoms, or get quick (non-emergency) medical advice for other health problems related to respiratory illnesses, chronic diseases, and any other health complaints.

See live form below to speak with a certified nurse or doctor right now.


To be clear,I am NOT a doctor. I am a scientist

And Home Air Purifier Expert.com does not directly give out medical advice, but this page will help connect you with a doctor who will.

I deal with helping to fix the sources of indoor air pollution associated with worsening allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

My below "Air Doctor" may help you save money on doctors visits, plus improve your family members' overall quality and length of life.

And now the below newly added JustAnswer Net Doctors app will put you in fast direct contact with medical professionals (such as registered nurses and licensed medical doctors) currently on-call and online who CAN help you with questions about your symptoms.

Flu symptoms

These health professionals and their advice is completely independent of this website and its owner.

I added this online app as a service to potential sufferers of building-related illness, respiratory conditions, and other medical issues.

There's no obligations for trying the below trusted third-party form.

So give it a try right now and submit your health-related questions to a certified medical professional who will provide you with fast, high quality, expert answers and advice related to any of the following areas:

Online Doctors

  • - OB GYN
  • - Pediatrics
  • - Urology
  • - Eye
  • - Dermatology
  • - Oncology
  • - Neurology
  • - Bariatrics
  • - Plastic Surgery
  • - Endocrinology
  • - Drug Testing
  • - Cardiology
  • - Orthopedics
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Health Professionals

  • - Dental
  • - Mental Health
  • - Pharmacy
  • - Autism
  • - HIV and AIDS
  • - Homeopathy
  • - Power Mobility

Physician Specialists

  • - Cardiology (Blood & Heart)
  • - Dentistry
  • - Dermatology (Hair & Skin)
  • - Dietician
  • - Ear, Nose, & Throat
  • - Gastroenterology (Stomach)
  • - Men's Health
  • - Optometry (Eyes)
  • - Orthopedics (Bones & Muscles)
  • - Pediatrics (Children)
  • - Pregnancy
  • - Psychiatry
  • - Sexual Health
  • - Surgery
  • - Urology (Bladder, Kidneys)
  • - Women's Health
  • - Other / General / Not Sure

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I'm Allergic to Dr. Jelly Finger and Nurse Ratched

I don't know about you, but I'll go way out of my way to avoid any/all visits to a hospital or doctor's office.

Yes, I'm one of the many very stubborn middle-aged men who needs way more than a spoonful of sugar to make my medicine go down.

This also makes me a particularly strong believer that prevention is the best cure (especially for "Doctor Jelly Finger" and "Nurse Ratched").

I'm also a notorious cheapskate. Having to pay Co-pays and deductibles causes me to break out in hives. 

And I really disdain the cow in a cattle yard feel, punctuated by hours of waiting in rooms with other sick people filling out medical surveys for the thousandth time.

I cringe at the prospect of uncomfortable, impersonal, non-private situations...and then the fall-out of months of follow-up visits, paperwork, and prescriptions for expensive pills that seems to always result from doctor visits.

Hospital BedHospital beds give me high blood pressure

And to make it worse, I've also been told I suffer from "white coat syndrome".

Nurses have even confirmed that my blood pressure tends to go WAY up just at the sight of a hospital bed, stethoscope, or rubber glove;^}

So needless to say, if I HAVE to make the trip, I like to have all my ducks in a row and get everything done that absolutely needs doing with the minimum number of doctor visits and hullabaloo.

In the past, I've learned it can become like a barn dance...you get twirled around and dosey doed from one doctor to the next. I don't like to play that game AT ALL! (did I mention I'm stubborn and cheap?)

But with all that said, isn't it amazing how quick doctors can become our best friends when we're sick or hurting? I guess they're good to have around when we need 'em, like car mechanics...for the body.


Online Net Doctors

I've also come to appreciate any opportunities to get medical advice or pick a doctor's brain WITHOUT all of the above additional pain that goes along with spending an entire day trying to see one of these rare breeds in person.

The below live form really appeals to me because I can ask a doctor questions and get a preliminary online assessment/advice from the comfort of home any time I please.

This online help allows me to get my ducks in a row BEFORE deciding on whether I should take the less desirable next steps of going offline to physically see a doctor in his brick and mortar lair...where he's sure to get his hooks in me.

Speaking to a doctor before actually seeing a doctor can potentially help cut out some of the dance partners - preventing wasted time, excessive medical bills, and some of the inevitable cattle prodding too!

And speaking of the all-important "ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure"...here's an in-home doctor visit you will also find helpful...

Source Control of Indoor Air Pollutants and Chemical Toxins is the Ultimate Perscription for a Healthy Home: This "Air Doctor" Makes House Calls

HomeAirCheck indoor air quality test kit

Here is my most highly recommended diy diagnostic air testing kit - I call it the "air doctor".

It is the same all-in-one air sampler, analysis, and air test results package the professional inspectors and healthy home experts use...BUT now made available on Home Air Purifier Expert.com at the wholesale price.

I like to cut out middle men whenever possible.

With a simple flip of a switch, that kit makes it extremely easy for homeowners like you and I to accurately and quickly test for over 400 possible indoor air pollutants, such as:

  • Volatile Organic Chemical Compounds (VOCs)
  • Formaldehyde Gas
  • Third-hand Cigarette Smoke Residues
  • and even hidden Toxic Black Mold Colonies

Identifying and eliminating these common pollutant sources from living spaces will also eliminate the major culprits which tend to cause or aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms, along with a host of other chronic health concerns.

Sick Building Syndrome

Once you identify and remove possible sources of indoor air toxins, you may find symptoms immediately start to subside. If so, this is a good clue you may have been suffering from what I have suffered from on multiple occasions in my life...Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Identifying and fixing the sources of bad air may also help you avoid medical doctors longterm.

Air testing and source control can be much more powerful at keeping doctors away than an apple a day;^)

But there are cases where someone's health may be at the mercy of situations involving employers, landlords, tenants, neighbors, manufacturers, or industrial sites.

In chemical exposure, Toxic Tort, Sick Building Syndrome, or other personal injury situations, legal advice may be required to get the help you need.

Click here to ask a lawyer online now.

Symptoms and Doctors Without Borders

Over the years, I've had many visitors with medical questions related to their indoor environments and also in association with respiratory illnesses such as COPD, Mesothelioma, Emphysema, Lung Cancer, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

There's also thousands of parents out there worrying about the health of babies and children affected by air pollution originating from inside and outside the home.

I've also noticed there are no worldwide borders when it comes to suffering from breathing problems and symptoms caused by indoor allergens and man-made air pollution in homes, workplaces, schools, and other buildings.

From China, to California and Saudi Arabia, I know that bad air is a global epidemic.

Asthma Allergy Eyes

To assist my many international visitors with your many medical questions, I've now made it easy to also ask a doctor online about allergies and asthma symptoms, or any other health related questions you may have.

After my review of JustAnswer, I now highly recommend you try typing your question into the special live JustAnswer form below and get an answer from a net doctor or online medical professional for preliminary medical advice about:

  • possible steps to take for effective course of treatment for your allergies or asthma symptoms.

  • medical assistance with other health related issues or advice about mysterious symptoms you may be experiencing.

  • recommendations for immunological allergy testing, specialist referrals, warning signs, and general health guidance aimed at helping you progress to more formal diagnosis or treatment. 

If you want a fast answer from an online doctor, nurse, or other certified health practioner right now, please enter your question into the appropriate box below...

Online doctor

Ask a Doctor Online Now


If by chance you don't see the above form please click this banner:


Resources for diagnosing and fixing Sick Buildings or Toxic Workplaces:

Top Air Purifiers at Sylvane

Know what's in your air with Home Air Check.

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